How A Light Bulb Moment Can Change Everything

In my years of research on the art and science of brand storytelling, there was one single idea that radically transformed my understanding of what it takes to create a best-selling brand story. You could say it was my Rosetta Stone breakthrough on learning how to engage audiences. Everything else connected to it.

Interestingly enough, I had to discover it on my own. None of the brand storytelling "gurus" I'd seen were even talking about this. 

Yet, I saw this idea unfolding right inside the most successful brand stories out there. 

So, I'm gonna lay it on you in the form of a couple of free gifts. 

I'm giving you access to 2 of the video chapters from my Brand Campfire video series.

This first is from the Branding Light Bulb Moments series. 

This video is only a couple minutes long, and is actually the very first video to all three video series and it starts to set up the big idea.


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