A Great Brand Story Lets The Audience Connect The Dots

One key insight the Can You Trust Your Brain? brand story experiment leverages is that it's best for your brand to let audiences experience the conclusion you hope they'll make rather than to try to force a conclusion upon them through persuasion. 

And apparently, that's exactly what's happening, which helps explain why the Can You Trust Your Brain? experiment is also converting leads at a rate higher than anything I've personally experienced before.

The experiment was inspired by what I consider to be the most important discovery I've made in my 3+ years of research on the art and science of brand storytelling. It was a discovery that no one else in all the research I'd done specifically related to brand storytelling had even landed on.

The discovery came as a result of continuing to ask the question, "What makes brand storytelling different than other forms of marketing communications?" And "What exactly do we need to do to create highly effective brand stories?"

It would inspire my exclusive "connecting-the-dots" methodology for creating highly effective brand stories. 

And it changed my thinking about how to engage audiences more than any single insight I've had in my 25+ year career as a brand marketing professional. 

I'll share more about that discovery soon with a free preview of a video from the Brand Campfire series.