Can You Trust Your Brain Experiment Scores High Engagement

The "Can You Trust Your Brain?" experiment is resonating very strongly with other marketing professionals like you. Which is a good thing, since it was the duct tape
for several experiments that broke.

Over 75% of those who clicked on the ad so far completed the experiment
(that number bumped up to 83% since making some UX tweaks on June 15th).
They went through all the visuals and answered all of the questions. 

So why is this experiment getting engagement results that are already off
the charts + exceptionally higher lead gen rates (like 4x higher) than
previous lead conversion attempts?

For the most part, the Can You Trust Your Brain? experiment contradicts
everything traditional and direct/digital response marketing teaches.

There's no "landing page" to speak of in the experiment.

There's no list of brand features and benefits. 

Instead, the experiment is based on principles I share in my training
series of documentary videos on the art and science of brand storytelling.
A good chunk of the videos relate to how to create the right conditions
for audiences to experience a lightbulb moment. Which is what the Can You
Trust Your Brain? experiment does.

The truth is, given the right conditions, you do trust your brain.

And you trust it far more than you trust most marketing messages. 

The results from the Can You Trust Your Brain? are supporting evidence for
the power of brand storytelling in engaging an audience.

But do you trust your team's brains?

How confident are you in your team's ability to use the power of brand
storytelling to engage audiences and generate highly-qualified leads? Does
your team understand how crafting a brand story is different than crafting
traditional marketing communications?

I'll be sharing more insights related to this experiment and what it means
for brand storytelling with you soon. I'm still sorting through the data
that keeps coming in.

Thanks again.

Kevin McIntosh

Writer & Executive Producer of Brand Campfire

The world's first documentary on the art & science of brand storytelling