Still frame From the documentary film,  Brand CAmpfire: the real story behind brand storytelling

Still frame From the documentary film, Brand CAmpfire: the real story behind brand storytelling

NASHVILLE, TN – If you had asked Kevin McIntosh what brand storytelling was a few years ago, the Nashville songwriter/guitar twanger would have simply shrugged his shoulders and said it was probably just some PR spin to make tired, old marketing techniques sound cool again. Kinda like throwin' a cowboy hat on a has-been pop singer and then calling him a country singer. 

However, McIntosh realized back in 2013, given the marketing shift to content marketing, his career as a copywriter could be headed for a dead-end if he didn't at least do his own investigation to find out if brand storytelling is the real deal or simply, "all hat and no cowboy."

Nashville songwriter & guitar twanger, Kevin Mcintosh

Nashville songwriter & guitar twanger, Kevin Mcintosh

"Every time I'd see the term 'brand storytelling" in an article I was wondering, 'Am I the only guy who doesn't get this?'"

In fact, in a recent online survey of over 450 marketing professionals*, when asked, "How confident are you that your team understands the difference between brand storytelling and traditional marketing communications," 7% of respondents said they had "zero confidence" and 16% said "less confident." In fact half of the respondents fell at "middle of the road" or below in terms of their lack of confidence about their team's brand storytelling abilities.

Now, however, McIntosh is singing a new tune in regards to brand storytelling. With a few years of intense research on the art and science of brand storytelling under his belt, McIntosh has written and produced a one-hour film titled, Brand Campfire: The Real Story Behind Brand Storytelling. The film is the world's first documentary on the art and science of brand storytelling. He has also released 2 more films that explain more about what happens inside the brain when people are exposed to marketing communications as well as more traditional narratives, regardless of the medium in use.

By unpacking what he learned from his hundreds of hours of research into a series of entertaining, high-energy films, McIntosh is giving marketing teams a chance to hone their own brand storytelling skills in simply a matter of a few hours. The films are part of his online brand storytelling course that lays out a very easy to follow, yet scientifIcally grounded "Connecting the dots" process for brand storytelling. He says the flexibility and simplicity of the process combined with highly engaging visuals is why he's getting such great feedback from the marketing professionals who have been through his course. 

"Marketing teams are pulled in more directions than ever these days," he says. "And so it's easy to see why they might not be up to speed on the art and science of brand storytelling." He says until marketers understand how to approach brand storytelling with the right process, they'll never see the results they should be seeing. 

Marketers who are interested in picking Kevin's brain for more truths about brand storytelling can sign up for the upcoming free webinar, "5 Blockbuster Truths For Creating A Best-Selling Brand Story," in which Kevin will discuss some of the biggest ideas he discovered in his research.

Meanwhile, McIntosh says what's he's learned in regards to storytelling has also helped him tremendously as he continues to craft new songs in Music City, USA. "Classic country songs are simply well-told stories. As we say 'round here in Nashville, 'It's just three chords and the truth.'"




* Survey conducted June-July 2017 at